This soap holder makes soap float

  • No drilling
  • No gluing
  • Always clean
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Soap holder for sink, bath and shower

Why Savont soap holder?

Our bestseller
The classic
Savont Soap Holder Classic Edition
The Savont Soap Holder, complete with suction cup and magnetic plates.
  • AInstalls inside the washbasin, in the bathtub, or in the shower
  • Suction cup adheres to all smooth surfaces
  • Strong yet tiny suction cup – diameter of only 34mm
  • Holds soaps up to 150g permanently in any position
  • Always removable and can be re-attached
  • No drilling, no gluing; always clean

Made in Germany. Uses high-performance suction cup with strong magnet for firm hold.

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Savont Classic Edition Three-Pack
Three complete soap holders together in one pack
  • Ideal if you have multiple sinks or soaps: hand soap, shower soap and hair soap
  • Used just like the Classic Edition in the wash basin or shower
  • Holds soaps up to 150g permanently in any position
  • Removable/reattachable again and again
  • Packed in a small cardboard box made of 100% recycled paper

Product of Germany. The soap holder employs a high-performance suction cup with a strong magnet for a firm hold.

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Savont Soap Holder Jumbo
Our newest model for soaps up to 250 g (9 oz)!
  • Equipped with a super-strong magnet
  • Fitted with a larger suction cup: 5.2 cm (2 in) diameter and very strong adhesion
  • Holds very large soap bars up to 250 g (9 oz) such as the big Aleppo bar soaps
  • Packaged in environmentally friendly packaging, completely paper, just like the Classic Edition

Produced in Germany; furnished with a high-performance suction cup and a super-strong magnet for the firmest hold.

To the product

Very easy to use

  1. Clean the appropriate area in the sink, shower or bathtub
  2. Attach the suction cup
  3. Press the metal plate into the soap
  4. The soap can already be hung inside the sink

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